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                Last Friday morning at 8:30 am, the Board of Directors  of "Salem For All!" met Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett. It was one of those those  things in the early history of an organization that you might call transformational . First of  "All!" it was very exciting to meet the Mayor. It was exciting and wonderful that he liked what we were doing! Then he offered us some "Partnering" "Opportunities" with resources in the City. How exciting is that. For a young organization that gives us a great deal of credibility. We're a non-partisan, non-profit, and totally public benefit organization,   but still to be endorsed by the leader of a mid-sized community like Salem is a major compliment and help!!!

                 In about 5 days we've been rethinking much about what we are doing. "All!" for the better! Thank you Mayor Bennett.

                 One of the things that emerged was that we want to make our website something like a "Williams Sonoma catalog" for our community's "under served"! If possible we would like to make the website a valued and fun thing that "under served" people can turn to to improve the quality of their lives. Our website statistics remain strong, but we want to be innovated and we know there is much more that can be done as to how we use technology.

                  "All!so" we remain a community project! The staff of "Salem For All!" is in many ways and advocate with our "Partners" who do many other things too, beside serving the less fortunate. We want to give this group a loud voice in what kind of "Opportunities" take place in "greater Salem"! After "All!"  the "under served" by one measure is about 1/3 of the regions population.

                  We hope to "capitalize" or should I say "do the most" with these "Opportunities". It's amazing the difference only one hour can make to a non-profit.

                  We made contact with Jeff Hawthorne of the Regional Arts and Culture Council in Portland. They  have the skill and knowledge that brings "All!" kinds of "Opportunities" to Portland's "under served". One of the first areas we want to put Jeff's knowledge to use is the new "Partnership" with Jay Gipson- King and the Salem Theatre Network. The question is how is theatre presented to the "under served" members of the community so they can find real value to their  lives in such an experience even though they are not a traditional theatre audience and may bring different types of experiences to the "Opportunity" !

                  We "All!so" made contact with the Oregon Community Foundation! We're starting a conversation with them. In many ways "Salem For All!" is becoming a catalyst in the "greater Salem" area that is asking questions like "how can the community let the "under served" know they are cared for and valued", and "what "Opportunities" can be developed to improve the "under served" experience in the community" ! This is an ongoing conversation that can last forever!!!!

                                          1. Thanks to Deb VerMulm for her fine work on the website.

                                           2. Thanks to the Board for their continued efforts to build an organization that benefits Salem's "under served".     

" Opportunities of the Week!" 


       Salem Audubon Society

  • Sun, Apr 22, 7:00 AM -- Field Trip: Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge. Meet at Ankeny Hill Rd Overlook parking lot off of Ankeny Hill Rd. (Dolan, Unger and Stevens). Note new start time.
  • Wed, Apr 25, 9:00-11:00 AM -- Audubon Reserve Work Party (Lee Slattum) -- Eola Drive, off Edgewater, in West Salem.
  • Apr 27-29 -- Field Trip: Grays Harbor Shorebird Festival, Hoquiam, WA (Glen Lindeman)
  • Mon, Apr 30, 5:30 PM -- Field Trip: SAS SHORT at Fairview Wetlands (Mike Unger). Meet at Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife parking lot, 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Salem.

Contact Us

338 Hawthorne Ave NE

Salem, Oregon 97301

Phone: 503.588.7340



Habitat for Humanity


Habitat for Humanity of the Mid-Willamette Valley has been serving the community since 1991, working in concert with volunteers, donors, and partner families to build decent, affordable homes. To date, our affiliate has built more than 85 homes, housing more than 400 individuals- including over 300 children.

Habitat for Humanity's ReStore accepts donated goods and building materials for resale to the public, providing an environmentally and socailly responsible way to keep materials out of the waste stream while providing funding for Habitat’s community improvement work.


Heroes With Heart

Habitat for Humanity builds homes and hope for veterans and active military in the Mid-Willamette Valley.


Habitat for Humanity is looking for volunteers to serve on the Heroes with Heart Committee and participate in construction.

To donate to this program or for more information please email

Volunteer opportunities are available in these areas:


Reception and special projects


Donation pickup, stocking, and customer service



Volunteer to help build a home!!!

1220 12th St SE

Salem, OR 97302

Mailing Address:

4676 Commercial St. #332 SE

Salem, OR 97302

Bush House Museum

Located in Bush’s Pasture Park, the Bush House Museum is Salem’s 19th century time capsule. The Museum offers tours to the public and preserves and interprets the heritage of the Bush House and Bush’s Pasture Park to illuminate Oregon history and culture associated with the lives and legacy of Salem’s Bush Family. Featuring many iconic 19th century furnishings, this once technologically advanced home also contains much of its original furnishings and decor. As the comfortable home of a Bush family member until 1953, the Bush House Museum continues to welcome Salem visitors of all ages throughout the year. While in Bush’s Pasture Park, visitors can also explore the recently restored 1882 Conservatory, the second oldest in the west, and the Bush Barn Art Center. The 90 acre park also features walking trails, a civic rose garden and several children’s play areas

The Salem Art Association hosts many fun events throughout the year which encourage community engagement with the arts. A list of upcoming events can be found below. Come and be a part of Salem’s vibrant and growing arts scene!

Friday-Saturday, July 20-21 | 10 am-7 pm

Sunday, July 22 | 10 am-5 pm

$5 Day

$10 Three Day Pass

FREE for children 12 & younger

FREE for everyone on Sunday, July 23 from 3-5 pm

Bush’s Pasture Park | 600 Mission St. SE
All events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted. 

Gallery hours are Tuesday-Friday from 10 am-5 pm, and Saturday-Sunday from Noon-5 pm.


Purchase at the Bush Barn Art Center
$6           Adults
$5           Seniors (62+)
$4           Students (16+)
$3           Youth (6–15)
Free        Children 6 & Younger
Free        SAA Members
Free        Oregon Trail Card Families
Free        Active Military & Families

$1 Discounts
AAA Members
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Time Traveler Members
U.S. Military Veterans

*Please call 503-363-4714 in advance to schedule group, school or private tours.



Saturday-Sunday | 1, 2, 3 and 4 pm

Thursday-Friday | Afternoons With Prior Reservation (contact Ross Sutherland at 503-363-4714 or


Wednesday-Sunday | 1, 2, 3 and 4 pm

All tours are docent led and are 45 minutes in length.

Closed Christmas Day-New Year’s Day

Many Thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity





 A very exciting new "Partner" that may bring a huge impact to the arts in "greater Salem"! Salem Theatre Network !!!!

Many thanks!
Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity





                    We had a wonderful meeting with the public yesterday at the Marion County Support Services Fair. Many people were interested and we used up "All!" the English language brochures we brought. Saw many friends and wonderful people!

               Friday is our meeting with Mayor Chuck Bennett. How exciting! We are preparing our presentation for him and are working to  determine what we really want to get from this  meeting. It would be great to bring the Mayor into the "Salem For All!" camp! If not that then some of this great contacts or even some resources would be a big win. It's such an art working to persuade civic leaders to come to your side.

                Had an interesting conversation with Jay Gipson King of the Salem Theatre Network. We discussed ways of bringing theatre to "under served" people in the community. Part of this might incorporate the Children's Educational Theatre and the Aumsville Community Theatre for events in the summer. Jay told me about Shakespeare in the Market at the Salem Saturday Market we're working to get the times on our website before Saturday.

               At the Board Meeting yesterday we reviewed the fundraising letter written by Treasurer Nick Reed. Very good, we will add some testimonials we've received from users of the website. That and the strong  monthly web statistics should prove that we are helping many people have more meaning and fulfillment in their lives in "greater Salem".

              As for our web statistics in March we engaged an average of 26 unique visitors a day to the website.
                                     1. This summer we hope to have a few weeks where "Salem For All!" does community outreach. This might  center around the work with the Salem Theatre Network!

                                    2. Spring is here and it's good to remember SFA! had many agricultural "Partners" like Marion/Polk Foodshare and Salem Harvest that have community gardens available and also will provide leftover farm crops. See our website , Food. It's been said people who eat green vegetables are more positive about their lives!


Opportunities Of The Week


Camerata Musica
free concert

Willamette University
Faculty and Students Ensemble

2:30 PM, Sunday, April 29


Dan Rouslin - violin

Jean-David Coen - piano

Willamette String Quartet, a student group

Willamette Woodwind Quartet, a student group

Quintet: Dan Rouslin, Jean-David Coen, and three students


String Quartet by Edvard Grieg

Three pieces for woodwind quartet by Eugene Bozza

The "Trout" Quintet by Franz Schubert

This is the ninth and last concert of the 2017-2018 season.

Professors Rouslin and Coen have been mainstays of the Willamette University Music Department for years, and are highly regarded throughout the musical world. They have often performed together. For example, they traveled to Mexico on a faculty exchange program at the University of Vera Cruz in April, 2017. The Willamette students are very fortunate to be able to share the Trout performance with Professors Rouslin and Coen, and we are fortunate to hear the result!

This is also the concert that benefits the scholarship program administered by the Musicians Union that provides private music lessons for students who otherwise could not afford them. Camerata Musica joined in 2014 with Dan Rouslin and Rev. Rick Davis in sponsoring these scholarship concerts; Rouslin and Davis had initiated these concerts several years earlier.

Several dozen students have benefitted from these scholarships. We hope to introduce some of the scholarship recipients at our concert. Our normal honorarium for the musicians goes to the scholarship fund, and any contributions made to our "violin case" in the lobby at that concert also go to the fund.

        Concert in the Louck's Auditorium Salem Public Library


To feed hungry families by harvesting food
that would go to waste.

With more than 3,000 registered volunteers, Salem Harvest is one of the largest volunteer-powered harvesting organizations in the state. The non-profit, grassroots organization connects farmers and backyard growers with volunteer pickers to harvest fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. The group was established in January 2010 and is currently managed by an Executive Director and a five-member board of directors.

Here’s how it works

Many commercial growers and private homeowners have trees, bushes, vines or entire orchards and fields that produce more fresh fruit or vegetables than they can harvest. We invite them to register their crops online. Donations are tax deductible. Some growers are eligible for a 15% tax credit.

Working closely with growers, volunteer leaders organize harvests to gather the fresh produce. Volunteer pickers sign up online, checking off a liability waiver that protects crop owners.

At least half of each harvest is delivered to Marion-Polk Food Share or its affiliated food pantries. Harvest volunteers may take home the remainder for children or homeless, unemployed, elderly or low-income individuals.

We all benefit

Harvests offer an opportunity for families to work together in the outdoors, meet local farmers and gain a better understanding of where our food comes from. In a state with the highest rate of childhood hunger in the nation, harvests offer local growers a compassionate alternative to letting their crops go to waste and provide low-income families a way to gain self-sufficiency. Parents have an opportunity to teach their children to care for others.

The act of giving empowers.

Meet new friends

Harvests pull together a broad cross-section of the community representing diverse socioeconomic levels and ethnic groups. Hundreds of individuals primarily interested in sustainable lifestyles work alongside people who struggle with job loss and other economic challenges. Children are welcome at most harvests.

Make a Gift

There are many ways to donate. Consider making a tax-deductible gift to Salem Harvest. Contact Elise for more information.

Spring is here!!! Soon there will be fresh produce in the fields.
Salem Harvest enables people to pick leftover crops!



Brushes And Blessings

Every Saturday


1 Kid paints free with a paying adult!

This is a fun event and perfect for any date with the little.

Come have fun and make Shotskis on Saturday your entertainment destination.

(808) 343-3270
Grayhawk Ct NW (174.32 mi)

Salem, Oregon 97304

Many thanks!
Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity




 "Salem For All!" has a great new "Partner" that provides college prep "Opportunities" to "under served" members of the community!

Willamette Academy is a college access program at Willamette University that serves students by providing additional support outside of school through mentoring, tutoring, monthly Saturday sessions and a summer camp.

We serve Salem-Keizer School District 8th- through 12th-graders from populations that are historically underrepresented in higher education: low-income, people of color, recent immigrants or first-generation college students.

In addition, we help our students overcome issues such as a lack of knowledge about high school requirements and unfamiliarity with the college application and financial aid processes.

By cultivating in our students both a love of learning and confidence, we guide them on a path to a four-year college or university of their choice — and a brighter future.

Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity             



              What a powerful and moving experience I had today. When giving our monthly presentation to the inmates at the county jail a few of the inmates said they would be released and turned out in to the cold world with nothing!!! One was already homeless and his clothes had be stolen That is one of the worst things to endure that I can imagine. He looked like a decent person, no worse than anyone I sit in Church with on Sunday. It called to mind some of the terrible things you used to hear taking place in the totolitarian countries during the Cold War. This is in Salem in the 21st century!

               What can society expect to happen to such a person? It made me pray!!!!

               On  a related and more hopeful note. I attended meeting yesterday at the County Health and Human Services Department. Those people are working to  find solutions to some such dilemmas. That is encouraging, and is a real source of hope for those people. "Greater Salem" has many heroes who are doing amazing things to help people. It is interesting and promising to watch what will take place.

                One of those heroes Jack Tally of the DeMuniz Resource Center told me of three emotions long know to spiritual leaders and recently rediscovered by science that make people better able to succeed. They are three emotional qualities.

1. Gratitude

2. Perseverance

3. Compassion

               When people practice these qualities they are more likely to succeed and be happier with what they're doing and in their lives. One of my heroes St. Hugh of Grenoble practiced these things in France in the 8th century! It's interesting that  science is starting to confirm this!!!! Thanks Jack Tally!

                "Salem For All!" has a wonderful new "Partner" Willamette Academy! We will formally send out and e-mail tomorrow. It is a community tutoring program for "under served " kids In the Salem/Keizer School District that gives them the skills that enables  them to succeed in college. They will be listed on our website.

1. Saw the e-bulletin boards at the Marion County Health and Human Services Department. The look very good!!!

2. Web statistics remain strong. 

3. Board Meeting next Tuesday, April 10, in Room 218, the Conference Room on the Main Floor of the Salem Public Library.


          "Opportunities of the Week!"
              Theatre 33 is proud to announce our 2018 season, our best to date, and ask for your support to continue our extraordinary mission of helping Oregon/NW playwrights develop their new plays 


To make theatre more accessible to youth and lower income patrons, admission to our summer shows is donation based.

This means contributions from the community are more important and valued. 




April 7 thru Oct 27 -- 9 am to 3 pm
The 2018 season marks 20th Anniversary of the Salem Saturday Market. Takes place at the State of Oregon Green Lot located on the corner of Summer & Marion Streets and just 1 block north of the State Capital Mall. Over 150 vendors providing handmade, handcrafted or homegrown products... sharing the fresh bounty and local products from the Mid-Willamette Valley.
Explore. Discover. Experience.

Special events throughout the season include:  Shakespeare at the Market, Teen Chopped Competition, Power of Produce (POP) Kids Club, Food Demonstrations and so much more!



     Salem Youth Symphony

The Youth Symphony is the premier group of Salem Youth Symphonies. The orchestra‘s repertoire includes the staples of symphonic literature. With an age limit of 21, our musicians come from home schools, private schools, public schools and community colleges in the greater Salem area. A good percentage of our students also distinguish themselves as participants in Oregon All State, MENC All Northwest, Salem Keizer Honor groups, District and State Solo Contest and our area’s concerto competitions including the Connie Fritz Memorial and the Wiscarson Competition. Besides performing with the orchestra, musicians have opportunities to perform in community service for other arts organizations such as the Oregon Symphony in Salem and the Salem Chamber Orchestra. -Mr. Garrett

Salem For All! Discount -  18 and over with the Oregon Trail card- $5.00 each , two per person.
Children under 18 free!

Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity                  




                 The Board of "Salem For All!" was thrilled when Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett stood by his invitation for the "Salem For All!" team to meet with him in his office in City Hall. Thanks to his assistant Lynda Rose we are scheduled for a visit with him  in mid-April. How exciting! It would be great if Mayor Bennett, does like so many other Salemites have, and finds a way to contribute to our project. No matter exposure helps, and I've met the Mayor and know the visit will be a pleasure.

                     SFA! has a new "Partner", the Salem Youth Symphony! It's one of "greater Salem's' oldest community organizations and dates back to something like 1954. It's "Allmost!" as old in Salem as the Pentacle Theatre.
Concerts for those 18 and younger are free and I believe we will have the $5 discounts for those with the Oregon Trail card who attend and are over 18 years old.

                      Our website remains popular with 1,202 visits so far in March. Some of those visits are repeat and the number of unique (different people) visitors is 633 still very respectable. 

                       Had a phone conversation with Jay Gipson-King, executive director, of the Salem Theatre Network. It sounds like their are some possibly amazing and exciting "Opportunities" that could come from that discussion. I'm very excited and we will keep our readers informed.

                         "Salem For All!" is discussing internally how we can work with "All!" our "Partners" to develop "Opportunities' for our community's "under served"

 Oregon Zoo



As of Sept. 1, 2017, Oregon Zoo is offering discounted admission for Oregon and Washington individuals and families who qualify for a variety of income assistance programs. 

     Just bring your Oregon or Washington photo ID and any documentation showing that you participate in any of the following programs, and you are eligible to buy up to 6 tickets for $5 each. If you ride MAX to the zoo and show proof of fare (monthly pass, individual tickets or annual pass), you'll receive an additional $1.50 off admission for each person. 

Eligible programs:

Oregon Trail carWashington Quest Card

Medicaid/CHIP Section 8

WIC - eWIC card Free/reduced school lunch TANF, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Head Start Foster home certificate


Zoo For All is based on Oregon's Regional Arts & Culture Council's popular Arts For All program, which allows Oregon Trail card-holders to purchase tickets to many arts and culture events throughout the region for $5. 

Enjoy the Oregon Zoo for a fraction of the cost with $5 admission per person.


Camerata Musica 

Free Concert 

Loucks Auditorium Salem Public Library

We have two concerts in April, to finish our 2017-18 season.  First, on April 8, we host the Crown City String Quartet.  You may remember that they gave us a fine concert in February 2015.  Their concert this time will include a MozartDivertimento, Beethoven's String Quartet Op. 18 no. 1, and the always popular Dvorak "American" Quartet
The Crown City String Quartet has been the premier group featured in the High Desert Chamber Music Series in Central Oregon since their debut in the organization’s inaugural concert.  Founded in 2007, their performances have been praised as "sublime" and "simply moving and spectacular".  Based in the Crown City; Pasadena, California, the members have worked together in the Motion Picture and TV recording studios and are current and former members and principal players of some of Southern California's most renowned music organizations, including the Los Angeles Opera Orchestra, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Pasadena Symphony, and the San Diego Symphony and San Diego Chamber Orchestra.  They are regularly featured at a number of chamber music series in Southern California and the Pacific Northwest.The musicians are Isabelle LaForet Senger, Kevin Kumar, Carrie Holzman-Little, and Dane Little.

The second concert, on April 29, includes faculty and students of Willamette University.  Their program includes the String Quartet by Edvard Grieg, played by the Willamette String Quartet, a student group.  That will be followed by three pieces for woodwind quartet by Eugene Bozza; the woodwind quartet is also a student group.  The concert will be rounded out by the "Trout" Quintet by Franz Schubert.  This is Schubert's most famous chamber music piece; it is exciting to listen to as well as to play.  Three students are joined in this piece by Dan Rouslin, violin, and Jean-David Coen, piano.

Salem Interfaith Hospitality Network

A Faith Community Response to End Family Homelessness



We are congregations practicing hospitality to standing together against homelessness and see lives changed; including our own.

Our Vision

Ensure that every kid in the mid-valley has a home.

Our Core Values

We strive to…

  • provide hospitality
  • see mutual transformation
  • encourage faith in action
  • increase security for families and congregations
  • create a sense of belonging
  • grow positive self-esteem
  • empower, not enable

Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity                       







             "Salem for All!" is about finding the best deals in "greater Salem" for our community's "under served" people. We work to be the one place people who are looking for "Opportunities" and have limited budgets can go to find the best in town. We are very happy to have the East Salem Grocery Outlet as a new "Partner"! This is a place where "under served" people can go and get very good deals! The same is true for the Salem Public Market and the Salem Saturday Market "All!so" "Partners". The "All!so" have very fresh produce.  The Salem Saturday Market has a special deal for those with the Oregon Trail card and free entertainment. We want "All!" people to  have good lives in "greater Salem" and be able to take advantage of the amazing resources our community offers.

              The East Salem Grocery Outlet has special deals on weekends that can be reached from our website We hope such great "Opportunities" will draw people to see what's available to them at the Oregon Symphony Association in Salem, the Pentalce Theatre , Camerata Musica and the others. We "All!so work to be proactive to make these great "Opportunities" known in "All!" kinds of different places around the community. Our town provides "All!" kinds of  great "Opportunities" for the "under served" and the more that know that the better for us "All!"

            Our website is quite poplular with 556 unique visitors and 950 visits. We want to make in a very well know and enjoyed and useful place in Salem!!!

Opportunities of the week

Pentacle Theatre

                Tickets 1/2 price with the Oregon Trail card - two per family, unless more are available

     Calendar Girls: March 2 to 24

By Tim Firth. “Funny, sincere and just a wee bit naughty” – The Detroit Free Press. Based on the true story of a group of Yorkshire women who became famous after they posed nude for a calendar created to raise money for the local hospital. Directed by Jill Sorensen.

Box Office Location

145 Liberty St. NE
Salem, OR 97301
Monday through Friday
10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Office phone: (503) 485-4300

Theatre Location

324 52nd Ave. NW
(Salem-Dallas Hwy 22)
Salem, OR 97304
Lobby phone: (503) 364-7200


Oregon Symphony Association in Salem

Tickets $5 with the Oregon Trail card at the Box Office the night of the show, two per person, more for families if available 



Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony
Sascha Goetzel, Conductor
Sarah Kwak, ViolinGuillaume Connesson: Supernova
(Cosmic Trilogy, Part III)
Szymanowski: Violin Concerto No. 1
Saint-Saens: Symphony No. 3 (Organ Symphony)
Purchase tickets
Saint-Saens' most popular symphony combines a full orchestra, the emotional quality of a tone poem, and the majestic sound of the organ. So powerful is the grand finale that it's been adapted by film composers, Disney World, and pop musicians alike. Our concertmaster has performed around the world, and we are honored to feature her on her home stage.

Concerts are held at Smith Auditorium

Smith Auditorium is located in the center of Willamette University's campus. Visit Willamette University's website for directions and a map of the campus. We encourage early arrival to the concert hall because Willamette University' campus holds many cultural and athletic events and parking may be limited. As Smith Auditorium is in the middle of Willamette's campus, please allow time to walk from parking to the concert hall.

Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity                    





                It needs to be said that some information in the previous e-mail regarding East Salem Grocery Outlet must be made clear. One of the images we used to represent East Salem  Grocery Outlet,                            showed a price. We did not mean for that image to represent the actual prices at the East Salem Grocery Outlet. We merely wanted to convey the idea that  there are many exceptional deals in their                    store.

                 Actual prices are in their store or in their official advertising material.

                 Many thanks!

                 Michael D. Mann - Executive Director
                 "Salem For All!"
                  Building Community with Opportunity



              As we work to build an excellent resource for "greater Salem's" "under served" we are happy to announce we are now "Partners" with the East Salem Grocery Outlet. They offer great deals on groceries of "All!" kinds and each week they offer a very special deal on Saturday which can be reached on our website,

Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity                         






                   "Salem For All!" - has a wonderful and great new "Partner" the Salem Saturday Market. The have "All!" kinds of great deals for "under served" people and accept the Oregon Trail Card. Some of these deals will be featured on our website.

Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity                         



              We got a wonderful report from Lisa Joyce and the Pentacle Theatre last Friday that showed very good  results for "Salem For All!" , Oregon Trail card ticket sales last season. "Leading Ladies" and "Almost Maine" were "smash hits", with over 30 tickets per run at each show with the discount. For "All!" their shows last year we had 164 discounted tickets purchased. That's a very nice evening for 164 people. "Salem For All!" calls that success!!!!

               At the Board Meeting last night, guest and DeMuniz navigator and psychologist, Jack Tally gave us a great idea. A community wide event focused at the "under served" in "greater Salem" to let them know about SFA! and our "Opportunities". We're very happy with the step step successes we continue to enjoy but everybody on the Board liked the ideas of swinging for the fences with an event this summer. Jack had many fine ideas, we're trying to recruit him for the Board.
              We continued with our effort to find better ways to make our website clear on cell phone screens, something "All!" "under served" seem to have. Jennifer Lewis of Lewis Design keeps making progress for us  and the task continues.
                  Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett invited "Salem For All!" to his office for a chat. We're working to be thoroughly prepared for that. He seems like a very good person.

                         Other News:

                                                1. Web site statistics remain quite strong! Right at about 400 unique visitors for the first 13 days of March.
                                                2. We have an exciting new "Partner"  "Brushes and Blessings" that offers some great deals on painting "Opportunities"! 

                        Oppportunities of the week


                     Stayton Public Library



Call for authors for Local Author Fair


The Stayton Public Library is announcing a call for authors for a Local Author Fair that will be held Saturday, May 5, 2018. , 11-2 p.m.

Stayton Public Library’s Local Author Fair provides authors from Stayton and the surrounding communities a free venue in which to engage readers and network with fellow writers from the area.

Applications are available to pick up at the Library or download below. Authors who submit applications by March 31, 2018 will be eligible to give a short reading and will be included in the Library’s promotional materials.

For more information please call 503-769-3313 or email



       Theatre at Willamette 

Wings of Fire: A World Premiere Musical

April 12 – 28, 2018

Book and Lyrics by Haley Green
Music by Austin Green
Directed by Susan Coromel

Based on the true events of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911, this world premiere musical honors the resilience and perseverance of the human spirit, even in the face of tragedy. Wings of Fire features tender ballads and crowd-pleasing choruses, and promises to be an event like no other.


  • Evening performances: 7:30 pm.
  • Matinee performances: 2:00 pm.
  • Preview: Thursday, April 12
  • Matinees: April 15, 22, & 28
  • Full Description
  •  Discounts with the Oregon Trail card for tickets for admission



Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity






                  "Salem For All!" has wonderful and great new "Partner" - Salem Public Market ! They are Oregon's oldest Farmer's Market established in 1942,  on Rural St. in Salem. They have wonderful deals on "All!" kinds of things!

Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity




             "Salem For All!" has a fun and exciting new "Partner" Brushes and Blessings. It's a fun community painting program that offers many kinds of events. Some are low-cost and very suitable for "Salem For All!"'s people!

Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity



               Today at the DeMuniz Resource Center with Kathy Dingis of the Salem Art Association and Alan and his associate from MarionPolk Foodshare it became clear when talking to the lady inmates how much our community offers them. To me that's truly wonderful and a great compliment to be people of Salem.
We really live in a generous community. The surprising thing was how little the woman were aware of what was available to them.
                Thus "Salem For All!" we want to make that Good News known to them! Our website and "All!" our communication are still quite well used so that might happen. Some strong handshakes and a couple of loud and clear thank yous made us feel very appreciated.
"Salem For All!" is working with an exciting new organization who we might "Partner" with: Salem Theatre Network. We're hoping to find innovative ways to reach the "under served" with theatre in Salem.

Other News:

1. Camerata in association with "Salem For All!" put on a very successful chamber music Play-In Sunday at 2:00pm at the Woodland Chapel on High Street. George Struble managed to assembe 13 musicians who play sextet, octets,quartets, etc. by Hadyn, Schubert, Brahms and others. So wonderful watching and listening to them play. In Play-Ins there are many starts and stops and questions and comments. It was very interesting.

2. Friend Sarah Tiedmann is leaving the helm of YMA Inc. and has left us a wonderful legacy of cooperation and success. Last year Sarah and I garnered two scholarships to their great summer music camp from the Associated Chamber Music Players in New York. Hope to soon sit down with their new ED in Salem and make some plans for the future!

3. E-buttetin Boards with images of SFA! "Opportunities" are now being used in the Marion County Health Department waiting rooms. Great job Scott Richards and the county!


"Opportunities of the Week!"

 Camerata Musica

The Camerata Musica concert for this month is on March 25.  We had scheduled Vinafera, known as the Trinity Alps Ensemble when they gave us a fine concert in October 2014.  It turns out that two of the three musicians are not available to play for us after all.  The pianist,Ian Scarfe, has assembled maybe an even more enjoyable concert for us.  It will feature Dan Rouslin of the Willamette University Music Department, playing violin and viola.  Dan was one of Ian's favorite professors and mentors when Ian was a student at Willamette.  They will be joined by  Charles Akert, cello, and Sarah Brauer, mezzo-soprano.
            The concert will include some of the most exciting music you could hear anywhere:
                        Ludwig van Beethoven - Sonata Op. 69, for cello and piano
                        Johannes Brahms - Two Songs for Alto, Viola, and Piano, Op. 91
                        Arvo Pärt - Fratres for Cello and Piano
                        Maurice Ravel - Sonata for Violin and Piano
                        Gaetano Braga - La Serenata for Voice, Cello, and Piano
            The concert will be Sunday afternoon, March 25, at 2:30 p.m., in Loucks Auditorium of the Salem Public Library.  As usual, admission is free



Oregon Symphony Association in Salem

20 tickets are available at each classical concert to holders of valid Oregon Trail cards for $5 each, two per person, more may be possible for families if they are available at the Box Office.


Brahms' Violin Concerto
Carlos Kalmar, Conductor
Vadim Gluzman, ViolinDvorak: The Water Goblin
Hanson: Symphony No. 4 (Requiem)
Brahms: Violin Concerto
Purchase tickets
One of the greatest violin concertos ever written, Brahms' work is a stunning display of the violin's emotional and virtuosic qualities. A colleague of Brahms exclaimed, "It is a concerto for violin against the orchestra and the violin wins!


Family Building Blocks



5:00-7:00 PM | FREE TO ATTEND



To continue ensuring as many children and families as possible receive the support they need, Family Building Blocks highlights the importance of monthly giving and what it means to be a Stepping Stone Sustainer. To help reach those unable to attend the Dream Builders Luncheon in the fall, we are looking forward to hosting a happy hour and gathering of community members dedicated to helping children and families in Marion and Polk counties. 

Held at the Salem Convention Center, the first hour is an opportunity for guests to mingle and unwind from the work day followed by an hour-long program featuring stories about local families. Please consider reserving your spot and bringing your friends.

To sponsor the event, become a table captain, and learn about how you can become a Stepping Stone Sustainer, please contact Julie Hilty at 503.566.2132.

Interested in sponsoring an event? Check out the many opportunities for involvement. We look forward to finding the perfect fit for you!

Meaghan Levy

Marketing Manager

Family Building Blocks

503.566.2132 x311

Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity                         




            "Building Community with Opportunity" is exactly what George Struble is doing this Sunday at 2:00pm at Wood Chapel with the 13 or so musicians that will be forming for a chamber music Play-In that coincides with the  Interational Associated Chamber Musicians Play-In. It should be a wonderful event and they may make some great music in Salem. As I recall last year they were challenged  by a fugue but they've had a year to practice since then.

             SFA! feels blessed and so very fortunate to be working with Atkinson School student Tynan Gable to develop a marketing plan for our project. The current lingo is saying that we are developing a brand for SFA! in Salem, perhaps we are. But, SFA! Board Member Mark Babson astutely noted should SFA! use that type of hard cold business language to describe our work in Salem to the "under served" and "All!" the community. It's a good question ,and I think if is important to ask such questions,  if we really want to build a compassionate community in "greater Salem".  We want to be innovative and think outside the box, if you will, about our project. It's great for our Board and Tynan to question some familiar ideas that may or may not apply, or may be replaced by better ideas. 
            Tynan, "greater Salem" may be teaching you a great MBA lesson! Thank you!

             Got a call from Jennifer Lewis of Lewis Designs, Salem today! She is  another one of those very able and effective young people "Salem For All!" has been lucky enough to work with. Jonathan Graf, Board Member, noted the difficulty of seeing our website on mobile devices that so many people use these days. Jennifer fixed that! Now if someone wants to seek an "Opportunity" on the "Salem For All!" website, they can do so, much more clearly. Thank you Jennifer!
               Today is a day of talent!  I spoke with Oregon watercolor artist/raconteur/teacher Paul Toews who will now be a "Partner" on the "Salem For All!" website. Paul does all kinds of remarkable things and we've had fun and benefited greatly by our association with him and his people. You can't say this about many people but I believe their is a chance his work will be remembered. Bravo Paul!!

Other News!

                                        1. Statistics for the month of February remain strong with 700 unique visitors and over 1300 visits. That number is lives touched. Our goal is to make that with hope, "Opportunity", community, and fellowship.

                                         2. We've got some wonderful community engagement events coming up this month. Hallman Elementary School next week and a Homelessness Resource Event and DeMuniz Center.

                                         3. Happy to offer as an "Opportunity" of the Week!" an interpreted performance of the Foreigner by Larry Shue at Enlightened Theatrics.


 "Opportunities of the Week!"


 "Salem For All!" "Partner" the Camerata Ensemble is hosting a chamber music Play-In March 4 at the Woodland Chapel at 2:00pm .  This will coincide with the International Chamber Music Play-In weekend sponsored by SFA!  "Partner" the Associated Chamber Music Players in New York City.

              Participants are asked to donate $10 to share the expense of the room rental. Bring your instruments, play great music, and meet new friends. Listening is free!


Enlightened Theatrics  at the Grand Theatre

Discounted tickets for $5 are available at the Box Office at the Grand Theatre the night of the show to holders of valid Oregon Trail cards. Two per person, sometimes more per person are available for families.

187 High Street NE
Salem, Oregon 97301


    8th Annual
     Seed Exchange

 · Hosted by Marion-Polk Food Share

Saturday , March 3, 2018  at 10 AM - 12 PM

Marion-Polk Food Share
1660 Salem Industrial Dr NE, Salem, Oregon




             "Salem For All!" will have a great new "Partner" on our website,  watercolor artist, reconteur, community activist  Paul Toews. Paul's "Opportunities' are inclusive and target "All!" members of the community  in some way. Many of the events can be accessed for a suggested donation that can be waived for "under served" people.


Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity   




 "Salem For All!"  has a wonderful new "Partner" Fourth Saturday Maker's Market at the MacLeay Grange. They have "All!" kinds of fun deals!!!


Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity                         






 "Salem For All!" had a wonderful experience this week! We were invited to participate in a 5th grade class at Hallman Elementary School's essay writing  project about peace and care. We're very happy to attend and feel like this is a nice step in the director of building a strong community.

We also, again, developed our "Partnerships" bringing people from four organizations together this month to support the inmates to be released. Kathy Dingis of the Salem Art Association, Allen Pfieffer of Marion/Polk Foodshare, Salem For All!, and the DeMuniz Resource Center will come together in March to help. Each little bit helps.

More Microsoft Publisher documents we're sent to the Marion County Health Department for their e-bulletin Board to be displayed.

Our Facebook page got back on track somehow? Thank you Jonathan! And we continue to build community in that way. We got 3 new Likes this week and have developed sources for many great posts. Building our contacts on this page is a current project.

Our website continues to be popular with over 500 unique visitors and over 900 visits. There is much we can do to develop this and hopefully our new Board Member Atkinson School student Tynan Gables' marketing plan will help us address these "Opportunities"

Kathy Dingis also forwarded us an wonderful "Opportunity" at the Mary Stuart Rogers Music Center at Willamette, a Darius Jones concert, LawNOrder for free.

The Salem Public Library again will offer the One Book/ One Community program. See details below.

Darius Jones LawNOrder

Start Date: 
Start Time: 
7:30 PM

End Date: 
End Time: 
9:30 PM

   Chamber Music Play-In

Bring your instruments and have fun!!!

 "Salem For All!" "Partner" the Camerata Ensemble is hosting a chamber music Play-In March 4 at the Woodland Chapel at 2:00pm .  This will coincide with the International Chamber Music Play-In weekend sponsored by SFA!  "Partner" the Associated Chamber Music Players in New York.

              Participants are asked to donate $10 to share the expense of the room rental. Bring your instruments, play great music, and meet new friends. Listening is free!
                  If your interested contact George Struble- 503-364-3929


    Salem Public Library /Salem Reads

2018: Outcasts United
       Copies Available for check out at Library and book is downloadable on the website!


Salem Reads: Outcasts United

 · Hosted by The Book Bin - Salem and Salem Public Library (Salem, OR)


Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"




              "Salem For All!" "Partner" the Camerata Ensemble is hosting a chamber music Play-In March 4 at the Woodland Chapel at 2:00pm .  This will coincide with the International Chamber Music Play-In weekend sponsored by SFA!  "Partner" the Associated Chamber Music Players in New York.

              Participants are asked to donate $10 to share the expense of the room rental. Bring your instruments, play great music, and meet new friends.
              If your interested contact George Struble- 503-364-3929

Many thanks! and...Bravo!!!

Michael D.  Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity




                   Today is Oregon's 159th Birthday! We entered the Union in 1859 and a lot has happened since then. Oregon always had this kind of "paradise" quality about it with the promise of free land to settlers and beautiful vast expanses. That is true today and as we discover working with "Salem For All!" many people work hard today to maintain that Utopian image of our state. We also got an e-mail for Stacey Nalley at the Capitol and they are putting our a new newsletter called Gateway with events at the Capitol we will try to have a link to in on the "Salem For All!" website.

                    This week I got locked out of our Facebook page and am working to find ways to get back in. We we're just starting to get fine results with Reach and Engagements.

                     At the Board Meeting last night we met Alvin Scott of the 50 Plus Center in Salem. Alvin is the type of person we like at SFA!. Compassionate, insightful, smart, aware and eager to make a difference. He had many good ideas and has a wonderful perspective on the "under served" and a desire to improve their lives.

                     Board member Mark Babson, is developing an interest in the Homeless which is exciting. It really requires a clear knowledge of people circumstances to have the insights that enables them to participate in the community.

                      We continue to be excited to have Atkinson School Graduate Student Tynan Gable work with us. Yesterday she was voted on the Board by a majority of the Board. Jonathan Graf voted by phone.

1.  We've had the current website 14 months and one amazing statistic of that is we've had 88,046 hits on our Home page. according to Drupal statistics. To me that's a lot and shows  many lives touched!                             

2. Our goal as discussed at the Board Meeting last night is to be proactive in bring "Opportunities" to the "under served" in "greater Salem"! "If the Mountain does not come to Mohamed, Mohamed will go to the Mountain!"

    "Opportunities of the Week!"

   St. Paul's Music Guild - Evensong

     4:00 pm Free concert.

    March 4, 2018

       The Ensemble of Oregon

                 Patrick McDonough, Conductor This choral ensemble, which features one singer on a part, will sing sacred music for the liturgical season of Lent.

                  St. Paul's Episcopal Church
                  1444 Liberty St SE, Salem, OR 97302
                   Phone(503) 362-3661




Brahms' Violin Concerto
Carlos Kalmar, Conductor
Vadim Gluzman, ViolinDvorak: The Water Goblin
Hanson: Symphony No. 4 (Requiem)
Brahms: Violin Concerto

One of the greatest violin concertos ever written, Brahms' work is a stunning display of the violin's emotional and virtuosic qualities. A colleague of Brahms exclaimed, "It is a concerto for violin against the orchestra and the violin wins!"

              Concert at Smith Auditorium

Smith Auditorium is located in the center of Willamette University's campus. Visit Willamette University's website for directions and a map of the campus. We encourage early arrival to the concert hall because Willamette University' campus holds many cultural and athletic events and parking may be limited. As Smith Auditorium is in the middle of Willamette's campus, please allow time to walk from parking to the concert hall.

      Tickets are available (two per person) for $5 with a valid Oregon Trail card at the box office the night of the concert!


Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity







A wonderful and inspiring  "Opportunity" from "Salem For All!" "Partner" All Classical 89.9- Voices of  Light - The Portland Youth Philharmonic  presents  Richard Einhorn in conjunction with Carl Deyer's iconic 1928 silent film Joan of Arc. Some this "Opportunity" will be live web steamed on .

Arts For All tickets for $5.00 with the Oregon Trail card are available at the box office and on-line.

Join All Classical Portland and the Portland Youth Philharmonic for a landmark collaborative multimedia performance inspired by Joan of Arc:

Voices of Light
at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall 
Friday, January 26, 7:30pm
Portland Youth Philharmonic presents the title oratorio by Richard Einhorn in conjunction with Carl Dreyer's iconic 1928 silent film, The Passion of Joan of Arc. The event takes place in collaboration with Northwest Film Center, as part of their 34th Reel Music Festival. Voices of Light includes live performances by Camerata PYP, In Mulieribus, three Portland State University choirs, as well as celebrated vocal soloists Catherine van der Salm, Hannah Penn, Brian Tierney, and Anton Belov. All Classical Portland is the official media sponsor.
The Passion of Joan of Arc is considered to be one of the most elemental and stunning silent films in world cinema, and Einhorn's brilliant composition underlines and amplifies the drama. Voices of Light premiered in 1994 and was praised as "lush," "brilliantly effective" and "moving" by The New York Times, Washington Post and Chicago Sun Times. It has since been performed around the world, but this is the first production of this magnitude in Portland.
All Classical Portland is offering two opportunities to for you to gain valuable insight into this monumental production:

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity



               This week Deb VerMulm, the "Salem For All!" data entry person, used the new Microsoft Publisher software we got from Tech Soup  to develop some slides for the Marion County Health Department e-bulletin boards! The slides contain details of various wonderful "Opportunities" taking place around "greater Salem" and listed on our website Great job Deb! And many thanks! Now they're in the hands of Scott Richards, director at the Health Department and his people.
                 I believe one of the legs of the 3-5 year strategic plan the County is now developing is community engagement. We hope to play some type of role in that with "All!" our "Partners"!

          Monday, Jonathan Graf, Jason Lewis, Jennifer Lewis and I had a nice lunch at the Canton Gardens Restaurant in Salem. Jonathan lead the way  with some of his fine ideas as how to use technology to increase engagement of our community's "under served". Tech is in Jonathan's family, and both Jason and Jennifer "All!" had great ideas as to what we can do to increase use of our "Opportunities" 1. one on our website. 2. at our "Partners" box offices.
         Jonathan works in Human Services and related a poignant story of one person he served challenges in finding meaningful and affordable activities for their family which include a person with a disability!

               Our statistic is there are 130,000 people in Marion County (this number is a few years old) that use the SNAP  (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Plan) program in some form. This is one of our measures of being "under served". That's approximately 1/3 of the population. Right now,  each month, our website is reaching just under 1% of this number. We'd love to boost that to 3 to 4 per cent. This month so far we have 740 unique visitors to the website and over 1,200 visits (counting repeats)!           

Other News:

1. As you can see below planning for the joint February 4  "Salem For All!"/Charles and Martha Brown Event Center  "Old Oregon" Pioneer Folk Music Play- In is going very well. I could be a great and memorable event. We will have much excellent talent participating.

2. Happy to say we're getting the aid of Mark Babson, violinist , community activist, and  SFA! Board Member to give February's presentation at the DeMuniz Resource. We have some other great leads "Also!"!

3. Couldn't help but include in this week's list of "Opportunities of the Week!" below a blurb about Hexham Abbey's Bible and illustrations, "Holy Beautiy"  that will be displayed at the Hallie Ford Museum. Religion, abbey's and abbots are right up my alley so I was very excited to get this e-mail from Andrea Foust today.

4. We're working on the Facebook page to build it's use up "Allso!" We have 531 Likes.

5. It's amazing what takes place each week in "greater Salem" that can benefit the "under served". It's an exciting  hope of ours that we can present at some time a significant part of it!!!

Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity                         



                   Today on the Statesman Journal website, on the Stayton ("greater Salem" ) page and probably in the Stayton Mail as hard copy, you will see a fine article by Justin Much  about the "Salem For All!"/ Charles and Martha Brown Event Center's February 4 "Old Oregon Pioneer Spirit" Folk Music Play- In. Front and center is SFA! associate and friend , water color artist, storyteller, poet,  and Feb. 4 MC Paul Toews. Here's a link to the story:


                 Fine folk guitar player, music teacher,  and church musician Maria Bulkow will lead off the performances. We've requested the musicians play, if possible, authentic Oregon Folk Music. "Salem For All!" Board Member Mark Babson may get us a member of the well-known Oregon Trail Band to participate. Keep you fingers crossed.

                   We're meeting Monday, with SFA! web design person Jason Lewis of Lewis Design to discuss ways to make the website more user friendly and contemporary in it's look. Jonathan Graf is leading this effort.
                     We met our fine young Atkinson School MBA student Board Member, Tynan Gable at the Gov Cup last Thursday! What a treat! We assigned her fund raising and strategic planning. It's very exciting to discover what kind of excellent ideas she will present.
                      Also, we built a contact with Alvin, tech lab manager of the 50 Plus Center in "greater Salem" he has wonderful ideas, not only about the use of technology, but as an educator, helping "under served" families break the cycle of poverty. For this he has ideas as to how to use "Salem For All!"!!!

1. For the first 16 days of the month our Drupal web statistics remain strong with 608 unique visitors and 840 visits.                                                           

2. The Oregon State Capitol Foundation is taking up a sponsorship of the "Salem For All!" website tonight at their Board Meeting!                                                        

3. Data entry person Deb VerMulm continues to do a great job and more than yeoman's duties maintaining the website. 

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity                         


             What a mild winter in Oregon! My sense of global warming keeps me from enjoying this weather to much! But what did Shakespeare say? "Gather ye rosebuds, while ye may"? This may be something of a guilty "Opportunity" that I am taking advantage of.

              Oh well! Planning for the February 4 "Old Oregon" Folk Music Play-In continues to go very good. Today, some of the team is meeting with Justin Much of the Stayton Mail for publicity interviews. Again, Paul Toews will MC with original poetry and storytelling, Maria Bulkow- will lead off with acoustic guitar, and several other fine musicians including Steve Yant , Truman Price and several local musicians will join in.

               The Board Meeting went well last night. Mark Babson, has some great ideas with his Marshallese Community in Salem Project,  Nick Reed, again,  provided sage guidance in his role as treasurer and Jonathan Graf, developed some exceptional ideas for using technology to reach "greater Salem's" "under served" with our "Opportunities". We were delighted with the participation of Tynan Gable, Atkinson School student and candidate for graduation in 2019, and her ideas, about segmenting the market, fundraising, and clear thinking in how SFA! manages our contact with politicians.

               Per Tynan, we realize that our "market" must be segmented in strategic ways. To me as ED, the homeless have emerged as a segment of our market that we definitely want to find innovative ways to serve. We talked of using our "Partners" as hubs to reach such groups.

               We're excited about the Marion County Health Department's 3-5 year strategic plan. Community Engagement looks like it will be a significant part of it.

                I continue to take things easy when ever possible for my winter break. So I'm am now going to gather some rosebuds!


Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity                         





                Today at the DeMuniz Resource Center, where "Salem For All!" interacts with inmates each month, our education regarding our community's "under served" was advanced in many ways. One lovely young woman has been homeless for 7 years and said there  was no suitable homeless shelter for women in Salem. Jack Talley, DeMuniz Center navigator, stated the women have excess "free time", Gordon Bergman of Salem Alliance Church spoke of joining a organization that provides community supports, and it became clear to me that what many of the women were facing was similar to the hardships of the pioneers coming to Oregon.

                People care!!!! I sat in a meeting yesterday with some of the best people in Salem and a sense of compassion was very evident. One person a doctor, talked about dealing with issues at the point of contact and mentioned the management book, "Business in the Spirit of Now"! Many smart people on working on solutions to enable the "under served" to have acceptable lives.
                   Results are happening but much more needs to be done!!!!               

Other news:

1. Preparation for the February 4 "Old Oregon Pioneer Folk Music Play- In" at the Charles and Martha Brown Event Center in Stayton, " greater Salem" , is going well! "Under served" people will be especially accommodated.

2. I'm still having a New Year's break.

Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity                         












Michel's news



              We had another powerful DeMuniz Center Presentation today. Gerard Neely, of Salem Alliance Church and I engaged the inmates with "All!" kinds of "Opportunities" Salem Alliance and "greater Salem" offer them. It's no wonder that Salem Alliance is becoming a center of activity with the powerful sense of community they offer. Gerard told the inmates that 50 percent of what is received is put back into the community. Homes and jobs are things they know they clearly need and their spirits were buoyed when we spoke of Marion County's Homelessness Task Force. Finding a job is a huge task for a felon! We talked of building relationships by volunteering, developing resumes, and a community support groups.

              What truly moved them was when I said "Salem For All!" featured the Salem Public Library One Book, One Community project. When I told them about the book's true tale of refugee high school students be coached by some unique teachers and managing to beat the other teams , including MIT's, and win the underwater robotics competition. They  were enthralled. I believe that is a profound and innate dream for us "All!" find someone to lift us from a difficult circumstances and help us win. The inmates were touched. It moved them that "greater Salem" would offer such a great "Opportunity" for free. Also when they heard of the quality of some of our community's great music events, eg., St. Paul's Episcopal Church's Evensong presentation of the  Tallis Scholars in April they were similarly moved with interest!!!!

              This weekend's "Salem For All!"/ACMP Music Play-Ins is going well in it's planing stages. We had one inquiry from " a advanced pianist, with an enormous collection of chamber music" that was interested. The quality of our talent this weekend in "greater Salem" should be very high. From the Camerata Ensemble's string players at the Bush Barn , to Maria Bulkow and local folk musicians, with Paul Toews poems and stories about the Northwest,  at the Charles and Martha Brown House in Stayton, to African drumbeats and bagpipe music at the Woodland Chapel. Treats will be provided for this afternoon of music and community.

                 I believe Jennifer Clake, executive director of the ACMP, and one of the people responsible for this weekends performance of great chamber music around the world, is quite pleased with our "proud and varied" Play-Ins in "greater Salem". I've gotten several very kind e-mails from her in her office on Broadway in New York City!!!! She's looking forward to "seeing the photographs"!

                                                  Opportunity of the Week!

              There's a style of  music for everyone!!!
                  A chamber music play-in will take place Saturday, March 4 from 2:00 pm -5:00 pm at the Salem Art Association's  Bush Barn Gallery upstairs in the Bush Barn. Local chamber musicians and members of the Camerata Ensemble will perform in an informal gathering of musicians. Come see how chamber music is made.
                  Bring an instrument and join in.

                   Treats will be provided.

                                        In Stayton by the canyon.

                                           At the Woodland Chapel on High St.


               Also, Sunday, "Salem For All!" "Partner" Camerata Musica is having a concert at the Louck's Auditorium at the Salem Public Library

Cary Lewis brings us yet another
exciting, offbeat concert


2:30 PM, Sunday, March 5


  • Louis DeMartino, clarinet
  • Adam Trussell, bassoon
  • Cary Lewis, piano


  • Variations in G minor (1894) - William Y. Hurlstone (1876-1906)


  • Trio Pathétique in D minor - Michael Glinka (1804-1857)
    • Allegro moderato
    • Scherzo. Vivacissimo
    • Largo
    • Allegro con spirito


  • Trio in E flat major, Op. 38 - Beethoven
    • Adagio--Allegro co brio
    • Adagio cantabile
    • Tempo di Menuetto
    • Tema con Variazioni
    • Scherzo. Allegro molto e vivace
    • Andante con moto---Presto


Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity

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Summer Camp for kids!


                                It's an amazing powerful experience to sit in a room with 14 women who have just been released from prison and now are in jail  to finish their time  and try to persuade them in some way to change their lives. To see them at first sit there and smirk and lean back in their chairs and then once the presentation starts become engaged, lean forward, and become involved. This hour long presentation might be considered a metaphor of what the DeMuniz Resource Center is working to have these women accomplish. Again, it is very powerful to be involved in trying to enable these women to tip the scales in their lives from antisocial living to positive "Opportunity" and productivity. 

                                  They were interested! They asked Yvonne Putsey, Matt Husinger, and me many questions and gratefully thanked us at the end of the presentation. Jack Tally, of the DeMuniz, calls it transformational psychology, and if you ask me helping convicted people  change their lives instead of just locking them up is one of the great discoveries of the 21st century.  DeMuniz is having successes at it, so it can work. What great potential is there to unlock!!!!

                               "Other News",

                                                1. We have a wonderful new "Partner" Young Musicians and Artists Inc., the Northwest's premier summer music and arts camp. It's an excellent program that's been around for 50 years and offers "All!" young talent scholarships, if they and their families  have limited financial means. It's held on campus at Willamette University.

                                                2. The Associated Chamber Music Players inspired Play-In is taking shape. Due to our abilities and resources we changed the format a bit and the Chamber Players will be hosted at the Salem Art Associations Bush Barn or Annex, we will have folk music at the Charles and Martha Brown House in Stayton and World Music at Woodland Chapel. This will be the weekend of March 4th  and 5th. Admission for the event at "All!" venues will be free! And this will be advertised to "underserved" people. OfficeMax is providing posters for the event.

                                                 3. For the month of January 2017 our Drupal statistics page has displayed some amazing statistics for the "Salem For All!" website!- 1960 unique visitors and 3,733 visits those are fabulous results and we hope they truly reflect interest in our "Opportunities' and not shoddy statistic keeping by Drupal. They are exciting though!!!!

                                                  4. Facebook page has 480 Likes through this week.

                                                   5. Many thanks to George Struble and Mark Babson, both accomplished musicians, who have been helping us  recruit local musicians for the Play-Ins.


                    "Opportunity of the Week!"

            Great Music and Art Summer Camp for Kids! -                    YMA 

         See them on the "Salem For All!" website.




All are welcome at YMA


worldYoung Musicians & Artists is committed to providing more equitable access to arts education. Through financial aid programs, community partnerships, diversity training, and recruitment efforts, each summer we create a safe, inclusive, and accessible experience for our entire YMA community.


But the YMA experience goes beyond that. When we say "All are welcome here," we really mean it. This beautiful community includes students, staff, supporters and alumni of so many different backgrounds, races, colors, religions, political beliefs, creeds, genders, gender expressions, ages, national origins, ancestries, disabilities, marital statuses, sexual orientations, and military statuses. Everyone's uniqueness enriches all of our lives.


We love you all. Our doors are open; anyone who chooses to walk through them will always have a home here.




Featured Program: Songwriting



Songwriting is always one of YMA's most popular programs, and when you hear the incredible music these students create and perform, it's easy to see why!


Download the 2016 Songwriting class's album for free today by clicking here, and prepare to have your mind blown!


Led by experienced composer, performer and educator Dana Libonati, students learn the basic techniques and skills used in writing music and lyrics for their own popular songs. In addition to performing during the Performance Showcase toward the end of the camp session, they also have the opportunity to record their songs and can take part in one of the many talent shows at YMA. Songwriting students should be able to play basic chords on the piano and/or guitar.

This is one of our most popular programs and space is limited, so sign up today and reserve your place before it's full! Just head over to to register.



Community Spotlight: Salem for All!


            Many thanks!

            Michael D. Mann
            "Salem For All!"
             Building Community with Opportunity

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Michael's news for All!


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News Update #1

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